Shivering eyelids. An interesting case from practice.

One day my friend asked me a question. She knows I’m an ophthalmologist. She said she had a problem. This is the state when there […]


Evolution of religion in the 22nd century, assumption. In the image and likeness of God (part 3)

So any religion must meet the following criteria. The presence of the Transcendent Highest Consciousness. Eternity of the Highest Consciousness. Immortality The presence of meditation […]


The origin of religion. Will religion be needed in the 22nd century? (1)

It is interesting that of all animals, religion is peculiar only to man. And, regardless of the continent where Homo Sapiens was in ancient times, […]


Coldman-Faver syndrome (Enhanced S-cone syndrome)

Patient L.V. 4-year-old born from the second pregnancy. His mother has a myopia of 7.0D, two of her ribs are fused together (synostosis). Mother has […]


Diet for diabetes. Are endocrinologists right?

No one doubts that the right diet for diabetes plays a huge role in maintaining human health. But, it seems to me, endocrinologists incorrectly give […]


Crystals of our ancestors. Prelife.

It’s crystals. To me, they are very similar to renal tissue section. Isn’t it? One of the hypotheses about the origin of life is that […]