Neurological eye tic. Recovery in 6 days

10 years ago we received a patient with frequent blinking eye movements, which had bothered him for a year. He was repeatedly treated and had […]


HAT Medicine Diet

A lot has been written about diet. There is a vegetarian diet, a cheese diet. Recently, a lot has been written about the benefits of […]


Novelty in medicine: Eye clinical attractor

We were visited by a 31-year-old woman with complaints of a sudden decline in the right eye a week ago. When we questioned her, we […]


The history of HAT Medicine

This happened in 1980. As a young doctor who had been working as an ophthalmologist in a clinic in the city for about a year, […]


New fractal theory of star formation

According to our theory, all the cells in our body are grouped in the form of fractals. The breach of the fractal arrangement of cells […]


HAT Medicine treatment

Our mucous membranes that are in contact with the external environment are «swarming» with microbes. Thanks to these microbes we and our cells exist. These […]