HAT Medicine treatment


Our mucous membranes that are in contact with the external environment are «swarming» with microbes. Thanks to these microbes we and our cells exist. These microbes determine our mood. It’s not just words, it’s true. Look at how many microbes surround us. Why do we not get sick and infected?

You can hear the answer that the immune system is working. This is partly true. But at a specific moment, we do not get sick because our own microbes do not allow us. They defend their territory, not letting in other microbes (Fig. 1). This is a basic law of evolution. Each particle is characterized by its own sphere of influence. People, wolves and any other creatures defend their territory.

Our own microbes live as a population. If we look at them under a microscope, for us they are the same, harmless staphylococci. But in fact, there is a common population (government forces) among them, and the «opposition» that differs from common secondary determinants.

When antibiotics are used in normal doses, they can destroy this population (Fig. 2). But the holy place is never empty. This population can be replaced by another population (in the extreme row). But in some cases, a struggle for power develops among the opposition (for the substrate on which they feed). Chaos begins. Chaos is a chronic inflammatory process (Fig. 3).

During our treatment we eliminate the chaos and bring the system into balance. We call the treatment HAT medicine (human attractor treatment).

The treatment is that we take a bacteriological analysis from the mucous membranes of man and conduct a sophisticated test on sensitivity to antibiotics and to determine the degree of the «aggressiveness» of microbes. After that (considering sensitivity) we make five intramuscular injections. This is followed by a recovery or significant improvement. It should be noted that during the treatment it is necessary to comply with a special HAT Medicine diet.

This is achieved using the same antibiotics, but in minute doses with a special HAT diet.


Fig. 1. Microbes protect their territory from other microbes.


Fig. 2. Antibiotics destroy the population.


3. In some cases, a struggle for power begins between the microbes. There is a chaos that is a disease.


4. After the restoration of the new population, the human recovers.

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