New fractal theory of star formation


According to our theory, all the cells in our body are grouped in the form of fractals.

The breach of the fractal arrangement of cells leads to the appearance of certain symptoms that we call complaints.

But it turned out that our galaxies also have a fractal disposition. Since big things contain a reflection of small ones, one can imagine that our body is arranged the way our space is arranged. Everything in the world is made up of fractals.

One day, it was confirmed by sheer luck. My son released soap bubbles with a special device. We played together and whirled them so that they strongly rotated. Then rapidly moving the palm along the bubbles, we noticed that several bubbles formed from one bubble. How it happened was not noticeable.

My son and I decided to film it all with a high-speed camera.

How surprised I was when I saw that before new bubbles formed, amazing fractal structures resembling space objects appeared.

I began to look through these sites and found a striking similarity between them. The resemblance was so striking that even small details were the same. This is particularly clear under high magnification. It is difficult to convey it on these pictures.




The transformed soap bubble shown in Figure 1 accurately resembles the giant galaxy NGC 4039 (Fig. 2).


Note Figures 3 and 4 of the soap bubble and the space object LMCN49 (Fig. 7). These figures are very similar, and there are side «horns» and emptiness at the centre of the formation. On both images you can notice the formation of circles (bubbles), which can later turn into balls.


Thus, we can see similarities between the formation of new bubbles and possible space objects.

In particular, the moon is believed to have formed as a result of a huge cosmic body impacting on the earth. That cannot be true, since the formation of all elements on earth, cells and living beings, takes place according to the same laws. These are the laws of Chaos.

So, the formation of galaxies, stars, planets and planetary satellites should take place according to the same laws.

What are these laws?

It is known that every elementary particle has its own antiparticle. They are born in pairs. The new particle is born from the previous pair. Once it is born, a new pair immediately appears. This is one of the basic laws of the universe. Following this logic, it can be assumed that for a star to originate, there should be two bodies. This may be primary matter from which all material bodies are formed. Passing by «primary» matter, one body can cause gravitational changes and lead to the formation of a fractal structure from which new «star-bubbles» will form.

Recently, space telescopes have found «bubbles» in space. These are the bubbles from which space objects will form.

I wrote and sent an article to Astronomy Reports journal twice. But they did not publish it. I realize that this article was not written professionally, as I’m no expert in this area. But I have no doubt that my point of view is correct, since cells, our attractors, humans and animals formed in the same way. One cell divides, and a complex fractal structure and then two individual cells form.

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