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A lot has been written about diet. There is a vegetarian diet, a cheese diet. Recently, a lot has been written about the benefits of fruits. And some people write about the benefits of carrots, others prefer watermelon, thirds — other fruits.

Most people have developed a certain type of nutrition and have their own preferences for food. Some people do not eat before going to bed, while others eat fruit at night. Some people like flour, others — sweets. Different people may have different meals, but they should not be at the expense of health.

We will not criticize various options of nutrition, but will only say what can damage our health.

The human body is a chaotic fractal system. Any such system has the fantastic ability to adapt, including to specific food and diet. Therefore, we do not have firmly-established schemes of diet, and each person can choose their own. Moreover, everyone believes that they have already chosen it, and it seems to them that this diet is best suited to them. And they are probably right. In the HAT Medicine diet for adults, we will give the main rules that allow a person to remain healthy. We will point out the factors that are very harmful to the body.

If someone changes their usual diet or switches to new food, the body reacts strongly to it. I remember a programme on National Geographic, where marsupials in Africa moved to a new habitat due to lack of food. But in the new place they had new food. Almost all the marsupials fell sick, were very sluggish and it was difficult to look at them. Some of them died.

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But then they recovered and began to eat the new food that did not cause them any harm. The same applies to humans.

We all know about travellers’ diarrhea. When I was in India with my family, almost all our group had diarrhea. I had to give away a whole pack of Imodium, which I had cautiously taken with me. At the same time, I had no disorder, as I ate everything little by little and did not snack.

Therefore, one should know that if they eat some new dish for the first time, they should not eat a lot at once. It is better to eat it immediately after familiar food.


It should be noted that the practice of introducing juices from a five-week period exists only in Russia.

  1. Juices are an allergenic product. Allergies may not be immediately apparent. Sometimes, two months after you start drinking juices, diathesis or bowel disorder develops, although parents say «that the child has not eaten anything unusual».
  1. Juices are a heavy product and are poorly absorbed. First of all, they affect the gastrointestinal tract.
  1. Juices contain a lot of sugar — so such a small child does not need them. Our body is not used to digesting large amounts of sugar.

In other countries, it is not recommended to give juice to infants, because a number of studies have showed that they cause more harm than good.

In Russia, juices are prescribed to children mostly as a remedy for anemia. But haematologists know that vegetarian diet cannot raise hemoglobin, but juices can very quickly spoil the gastrointestinal tract.



According to our data (HAT Medicine theory data), anemia develops because of disorders in the gastrointestinal tract. Previously, we treated a female patient with a common disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, who had anemia. We treated her gastrointestinal system by the HAT Medicine system. After the treatment, the level of hemoglobin increased in her blood.

Nutritionists have long said that it is more useful to eat fresh fruits than drink their juice.

But juices have long become a necessary product in everyday life. The adult body gets used to everything, including juices.

The question is when to drink juices. Naturally, it is better to drink them after meals. Although when I had a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract for a long time and did not know the HAT treatment method, on the advice of friends I drank potato juice mixed with apple juice. Then I moved to carrot juice, and it helped me.

According to the website www.medlinks.ru, it has been proven in the USA that sweet drinks increase the risk of obesity in preschoolers (more than 10,000 children were examined). This applies even to natural juices without sugar. In children with normal weight the effect is negligible, but in obese children, the risk of serious obesity doubles with regular use of juice or soft drinks. Sweet drinks contain a lot of calories and little fat. Such food can easily lead to overeating, because it is rapidly absorbed and leaves no feeling of satiety. Nutritionists have long said that it is healthier to eat fresh fruit than drink a glass of juice. For children who need little calories, juices become an unnecessary source of sugar.

Be careful with the use of juices. Try to take them after meals.


Sweets are glucose. Glucose is a special form of energy of all living matter.

That is why all cells are equipped with a mechanism of direct assimilation of glucose.

Once glucose enters the mouth, it is immediately absorbed by the cells of the mucous membrane of the mouth. It does not even have time to get into the intestine since the cells of the mucous coat of the stomach stand in its way.

Doctors know that if a person cannot take food by mouth due to illness, glucose is administered in him through an enema. Even colon cells, which cannot absorb nutrients, rapidly absorb the glucose and it is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream.

If the body itself breaks down fats, proteins and carbohydrates, they are broken down in the lower intestine and glucose enters the blood in doses, gradually. Thus, it is easier for the body to maintain normal levels of glucose in blood.

At the same time, if glucose is absorbed directly through the cells and gets into the bloodstream bypassing the small intestine, this leads to a sharp increase in glucose levels in blood and exerts pressure on the pancreas.

We already know that sweets are very harmful to the body. We have noticed that they are especially harmful on an empty stomach.

«Hungry» cells of the body pounce on glucose like «mad», and it immediately gets into blood.

If sweets enter the body at the end of a meal, the body has already started the process of digestion. Mucosal cells of the gastrointestinal attractor are not as «hungry» and so they do not really absorb glucose. And the impact of sweets is not so negative. But nevertheless it exists.

Dog breeders know that if you feed a dog with sweets, she will develop gastritis, liver disease, and die quickly. So why do we eat so much candy, sugar and different sweetened juices!? Oh, it’s so nice!

But, nevertheless, it is necessary to consume as little sweets as possible. In any case, they can be eaten in small amounts after a meal. Drink tea with sugar, candies or jam.

But if you still eat sweets, you should then do a physical exercise to «burn off» the increased amount of glucose in the blood.

Sweetened juices that are so often sold on every corner are especially dangerous.

If you want to be healthy and live a long life, reduce the consumption of sugar-containing products.

On the harm of snacks

What happens when we take food when we are hungry? Food is necessary for all cells in the gastrointestinal tract: mucosal cells, microbes residing on them and cells that contact with mucosal cells both directly and remotely.

Let’s see what happens if we consume a small amount of food on an empty stomach. Some cells will get food and some will not.

A «fight» will begin between the cells, they will become active, and microbial flora will step in. Microbial flora will begin to attack the cells of the mucous membranes (since they got little food too).

The cells will become more active, and as a result, their position relative to each other will change. This will alter the fractal structure of the organ (the position of cells with respect to each other). The change in the fractal structure is a disease. There is chaos. This may eventually lead to various diseases. That is why snacks between meals are harmful.

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If a person eats properly, including protein foods, the «food» goes to all the cells and microbes too. Each cell is «relaxed» and «pleased». This condition affects us too. After a hearty good meal, we have a sense of satisfaction and relaxation. That is why the culture of food (restaurants and fast food) is widespread in human society.

First of all, a person must eat properly and in a timely manner. It is also necessary to adhere to a proper diet and avoid all snacking between meals. We often have candies, nuts and chips on the table, and some drink tea with candies. And we do not attach any importance to this, believing that nothing is happening to us. But is it?

In fact, it is very harmful. But the consequences of such snacks appear not immediately, but only after some time. In some people it can lead to itching in the body, in others — frequent headaches, heart and brain disease and diabetes.

The question arises — how did we find out? Once again, on myself. When I had diarrhea, any violations in the diet, especially snacks between meals led to its aggravation. One day, I decided to eat ice cream. After I simply licked it, but did not swallow anything, thought better of it and immediately threw it out, rumbling immediately appeared in my stomach.

That is to say only a couple of drops of ice cream led to such an unpleasant result. Then, while treating myself with the HAT medicine method, I demonstrated weakness several times, having snacks between meals, which immediately led to a deterioration of the disease.

Maybe if I had not had diarrhea at that time, the unpleasant consequences of such weaknesses would not have been so tangible.

I would like to give examples about other people. A woman who previously never had serious health problems suddenly lost consciousness. On examination, bleeding in the brain was found. She was placed in intensive care. Over time, her condition gradually improved, and she was supposed to be transferred to a regular ward. She started to walk and asked her relatives for seeds. It seems that the patient’s request is law, and she was given one teaspoon of peeled seeds. What a disservice!

On the same night she had a second attack, which turned out to be fatal. That is to say the doctors allowed her to take seeds on an empty stomach, as she did not have any problems with the stomach. But they did not know that a brain hemorrhage is also a gastric problem according to the HAT medicine theory.

A regular intake of such a «heavy» product like seeds on an empty stomach for a long time would not cause any problems for the average person who has no health problems. At the same time, for someone who is in critical condition, these seeds could be the last nail in the change of their condition.

Another example, in an elderly person with chronic heart failure and diabetes, one piece of sweet baklava led to a heart attack.

That is to say normally we would not attach importance to this fact. But I knew about it and warned in advance that she should not be allowed anything sweet. But they did not listen to me and taking sweets on an empty stomach provoked an attack.

Microbial fermentation products

Alcoholic beverages and other products (yogurt, mayonnaise, pickles) disrupt microbial-antigenic relations. But these products are so common and are consumed so often that the human body gets used to them. But if they are consumed in a considerable amount, they can also have an adverse affect.

There are many disputes that moderate alcohol consumption reduces the number of cardiac complications. But it turned out that any amount of alcohol is a risk factor for cancer.

Only during the treatment of patients by our system and the treatment of hepatitis, do we completely abandon these products temporarily.


  1. Snacks between meals are very harmful. You can eat as many times a day as you want. But between meals, if necessary, you can consume only plain water.

Usually in the normal state people do not notice these changes. These changes are accumulated as grains of sand in the hourglass and may manifest themselves as diseases after a few years (the upper hill consisting of sand suddenly collapses).

Imagine that you are hungry and «throw» something in the stomach. There are a lot of «hungry» cells of mucous membranes and «our microbes». Some get something, others do not. It is the same as throwing a small piece of meat to hungry dogs or wolves. They will kill each other.

The same begins with our cells in the stomach and intestines. Our cells begin to move. The fractal structure of cells changes. This leads to headache in one case (at best), but can also remain unnoticed, further increasing the risk of disease in the future (e.g., type 2 diabetes).

Even if you do not have the opportunity to eat on time, it is better to stay hungry than to put something in your mouth — a chocolate bar or some cookies.

    1. Do not snack between meals. This is very, very bad.

    2. When you are thirsty between meals, drink only water or tea without sugar and sweets.

     3. Avoid sweets. This can be difficult, since each cell and the human «craves» sweets. Sometimes you can take sweets (candy, cake, jam) only after a meal.

     4. Avoid eating lots of fruits. Take fruits only after a meal unless you are used to eating, for example, an apple at the same time.

      5. Do not abuse pickles and great amounts of alcohol. Although people «get used» to it too.

       6. If you still drink alcohol or consume marinades, do not exert increased physical or sexual pressure on the body for a few hours after ingestion.

        7. Treat any new food with caution. Eat little for the first time after the usual food, especially when you are in exotic countries.

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