Neurological eye tic. Recovery in 6 days


10 years ago we received a patient with frequent blinking eye movements, which had bothered him for a year. He was repeatedly treated and had Botox injections around the eyelids. There was a temporary improvement, and then everything was repeated again.

I had the assumption that frequent blinking movements result from chronic conjunctivitis. We used ordinary eye drops of corticosteroids by the scheme.

All symptoms in the patient passed in 6 days. He was very surprised that he got rid so quickly and easily of the symptoms that had plagued him for a long time.

Very often, we began to observe such patients, especially children. Many are treated for neurological tics by neurologists. But many of these tics have an ocular origin and are a special «string» of chronic conjunctivitis.

Very often we encounter children with similar symptoms. This can be not only frequent blinking, but also other involuntary movements of the nose, lips and face. After the treatment we prescribe, frequent blinking passes in less than a week.

My grandson did not escape this fate either. My daughter was very worried about the coughing that periodically plagued the little 5-year old boy for more than a year. We do not treat children by the HAT Medicine system. I said that there was nothing wrong with that cough. But as a mother she still worried.

But one day, he had strong eye blinking while the coughing fully passed. The twitching of facial muscles was very frequent, even on holidays. This was registered by a video and photo camera.

My daughter, knowing about the «strings», was very happy and did not treat the eye blinking. She said that the blinking, which we can stop at any time, is better than the coughing plaguing her child.

So, I want to draw your attention again to the movement of «symptoms» in our body. We call them «strings», as it is local changes in the fractal arrangement of cells.

Why did the cough, which had long plagued him, rapidly disappear after the beginning of the involuntary blinking movements of the eyes? How is coughing linked to the eyes? This is the so-called «string.» The normal fractal structure of cells changes by the domino effect from one place of the organism to another.

For some, this may seem like science fiction. But this is real fractal medicine and we have a method for the super-rapid treatment of many diseases.

At the moment, my grandson has no coughing or neurological eye tics. Thus, the body is recovering.

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