Fantastic recovery from optic atrophy (multiple sclerosis)



Patient I. I., 42 years old. One of typical cases. Seven years ago we were visited by patient I. I. with atrophy of the optic nerve. When he arrived, visual acuity in the right eye was 0.5 and in the left eye — 0.7. The field of vision was concentrically narrowed. The fundus was normal. Six parabulbar injections of Dexamethasone were made in an amount of 0.3, and then HAT medicine treatment was conducted.

Visual acuity and field of vision were fully restored after that.

But, since the patient had persistent dizziness and neurological complaints, we sent him for consultation with a neurologist, who diagnosed him as having «Multiple Sclerosis». He began treatment for multiple sclerosis, and we did not see him anymore.

We saw him again on 11 July 2009 at the age of 49. For some time, he was all right and was treated for multiple sclerosis. But then his eyesight began to deteriorate. He was treated in other places, but there was no effect. He travelled several times to Moscow and once to Germany. There was no effect. Then he remembered about us, and when he arrived, the visual acuity of the right eye was 0.09 and the left eye with a correction — 1.0D = 0.03. The field of view was narrowed sharply (Figure 1, left).

Fundus: optic disc is slightly pale, borders are clear and vessels are unchanged (Figure 2)


Fig. 1. Paling of the optic disk in the fundus


Fig. 2. The field of view of both eyes of patient I. I. before treatment (left) and after treatment by HAT medicine (right)


The patient was given nine daily parabulbar injections of Dexamethasone. The visual acuity of the right eye improved to 0.2 and the left eye with a correction to 0.1. Then HAT medicine treatment, which lasted only 6 days, was conducted. After that, the visual acuity of both eyes increased to 0.5. No more treatment was carried out.

The patient noted a significant improvement in visual acuity and began to read (he holds a high position and often has to sign documents).

A repeat examination was conducted after almost six months on 16 February.

Visual acuity in both eyes is 0.7, with a negative correction in the left eye. The field of view has increased significantly (Fig. 1, right).

Despite the deterioration of the general disease, the high visual acuity has remained stable for all this time.

It must be noted that we have not used injections of Dexamethasone in the recent period. We immediately switch to treatment by the HAT Medicine system.

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