Sharp deterioration of vision was stopped


Patient Adam Bahlul oglu Agayev visited the HAT Medicine clinic on 14 February 2014.

Initially, the vision of his left eye began to deteriorate, and his vision fell to zero in four months.

Then the vision of the right eye began to fall. After visiting us, his eyesight was 30 per cent, but the boundaries of the field of vision had sharply narrowed. He felt that his vision was deteriorating day by day. He realized that after a month he would stop seeing with his right eye as well.

A bacteriological test was taken from the patient’s eye, and in accordance with the results of the test, anti-bacterial treatment in small doses was conducted.

The treatment continued for six days, and after that, not only did the deterioration of vision in the right eye stop, visual acuity also increased to 60 per cent in six days.

The patient realized that he would never go blind and began seeing better.


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