Recovery from optic nerve atrophy


On 13 November 2013, a young man, A. E., 24, visited us with complaints about the absence of vision in the right eye and deteriorating vision in the left eye.


The sharpness of the left eye was 30%, but the boundaries of the field of vision were significantly narrowed (Figure 1). His vision deteriorated gradually over a period of 2-3 years. The thing is that in 1997, in Moscow, a tumour was discovered, which performed the basic sinus and ethmoid bone cells, affecting the area of the main bone, the Turkish saddle and the upper and middle third of the slope (a tumour of the skull base).


In the same year, a successful operation was conducted to remove this tumour. The post-operational period had no complications. Then radiotherapy was conducted and the disease completely disappeared.



But then the vision in the left eye gradually started deteriorating. The patient was repeatedly treated in Moscow and in other clinics of the country. But his vision continued to deteriorate. The vision of the right eye disappeared and the vision of the left eye gradually worsened. Then he came to the HAT Medicine clinic. Visual acuity in the right eye was 0 (zero) and left eye — 0.3 with the correction of 4.0D. The boundaries of the field of vision of the left eye were narrowed (Figure 2).

In the fundus of the eye, the disc of the optic nerve was pale. A test was taken from the eye of the patient to determine the sensitivity of microflora to antibiotics. Then six daily injections were made. Already on the fourth day, the patient noted improvement in visual acuity. This improvement continued for the next 3 days. After 10 days, the visual acuity of the left eye with a correction was 0.4.

The patient notes a significant improvement in his vision. The most important thing is that his vision will never deteriorate.


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