Fantastic innovation in glaucoma treatment. Really?


We receive patients with optic atrophy from all over the world. People who could be completely blind begin to see after treatment with the new HAT Medicine system.

But we carried out strict control and did not accept patients with glaucoma because we thought that there would be no effect in glaucoma.



But Dr Khalil sent us a patient named Salman I. Abdullayev, 17, diagnosed with operated glaucoma. The pressure is stable, but vision is very poor.

Visual acuity in both eyes is 5 per cent. The boundaries of the field of vision are narrowed significantly (Fig. 1). The marginal excavation of the optic disc.

We rejected their request to carry out treatment. But the boy’s mother insisted on treatment. In the end, we decided to provide treatment free of charge, as we did not believe in its success.

Bacteriological analysis was taken from his eyes and several antibacterial injections in very small doses were made.

We did not believe in success so much that we did not even notice that eight days after the treatment, the boundaries of the field of view in the boy widened. And suddenly, he comes to us after 3 months from Dr Khalil. They carried out a repeat perimetry test and were surprised. The boundaries of the field of view had greatly expanded. This does not happen in glaucoma.

When they approached us, we also conducted a repeat test and were even more amazed.


Visual acuity in both eyes was 10% and the boundaries of the field of view had greatly expanded (Fig. 2).

It opens up new possibilities in the treatment of glaucoma.

I remember that when I visited Soviet conferences on glaucoma a long time ago, there was a big dispute in Ivanovo. How does glaucoma affect the optic nerve?

Batmanov from Nesterov’s school believed that self-pressure has a negative effect on the optic nerve while opponents believed that it was vasoconstriction.

It turned out that both views were incorrect. Elevated intraocular pressure causes inflammation of the optic nerve (confirmed by our treatment).

That is to say fantastic opportunities open up for glaucoma treatment with the new HAT Medicine method. We decided to treat a few more people. We will provide details of the results. Millions of people can stop vision loss because of the disease.

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