Vitamins. Benefit or harm


Since childhood, we have heard about the benefits of vitamins. No matter what doctor you visit, you or your children will definitely be prescribed vitamins and not just one. They can add some supplements. Are they necessary?

I remember when I was little and was put to bed, they gave me cod liver oil (vitamin A) to drink. I stood on the bed in my nightgown and, as I remember now, I was waiting for this moment with disgust. I did not want to drink, but they poured this horrible-tasting liquid into my mouth by force.

Only now, as I write these lines, do I understand why I had a weak digestive tract as a child. I was given the cod liver oil before going to bed on a relatively «empty» stomach.

I was told that it was a good vitamin and improved vision.

Then I remember from childhood that many people were fond of vitamin C. In the car, our doctor friend told my parents that while treating many diseases he gave people monstrous doses of vitamin C.

My mother gave me vitamin C every night too. I looked forward to this moment since this vitamin was sour.

I was fold of hematogen, a medicine containing iron and taken as a prophylactic means against blood diseases. Hematogen was prepared from dried cattle blood with honey and condensed milk. It cost 12 kopecks and children bought and ate it instead of chocolate. Many children had hematogen in the pockets then.

There was a time when people used Vitamin U against diseases of the stomach and intestines. All people who suffered from stomach problems used this vitamin.

Vitamin U (S-Methylmethionine, anti-ulcer factor) is named for the first letter of the word ulcus (ulcer) in connection with its ability to heal ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. Many people made cabbage juice and drank it as it was believed that cabbage contained this vitamin.

Currently, this vitamin is excluded from the group of vitamin-like substances. In general, modern scholars question its anti-ulcer effect.

At one time it was very fashionable to take calcium gluconate. It was believed that this drug improved our vessels. I know people who took this drug for years.

Moreover, I also prescribed this drug in high doses before for the treatment of patients with diabetic retinopathy. Moscow doctors (I, too, stuck to this recommendation at one time) were advised to prescribe Doxium for diabetic retinopathy — 1 tablet a day for a year. It was considered classic tactics. And I was proud that constantly reading literature, I was aware of all methods of treatment for many diseases.

I would like to speak about another interesting belief. Ostensibly, blueberries can treat many eye diseases. When this drug was first introduced, it was very expensive — about 100 dollars. Now it is cheap.

Then, pharmacological firms began to create batteries from a complex of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, etc. At first it was fashionable to take one type of drug, then another, etc.

Summing up the above, it is clear that each period has its own fashion for vitamins. And not only vitamins.

At any given period of time there is a fashion for some treatment: At the beginning of the century there was a boom in the world: everyone bought eye drops for «flying spots», which allegedly led to cancer. If you tell people during the boom that this is not true, then no one will take these words seriously. Such is the human psyche.

Moreover, if a doctor does not prescribe vitamins, patients can just walk away from this doctor. I am often asked – doctor, what vitamins will you prescribe for me?

I prescribe very few medicines — only when necessary, and the number does not exceed one or rarely two drugs. But one day I learned that one patient was very unhappy with my treatment. This dissatisfaction was expressed by the fact that he was given very few medicines. But then he came to me and said how quickly everything passed.

People psychologically want the treatment of their illness to be «powerful»: medication by mouth, by injection and physiotherapy. They think that «powerful» drugs from all sides treat better.

In fact, this is not true. Each drug improves the symptoms of the disease and can cause symptoms of other diseases.

The same applies to vitamins. The fact is that the body is operating normally if it has a balance in nutrition, equilibrium in the central nervous system, a balance of vitamins, etc.

Using food that includes meat, vegetables and fruit on a daily basis, we completely cover the need for vitamins. Even jams contain vitamins. Recall the story of sailors who conquered the ocean in the 17th century. All seafarers suffered and died from diseases caused by lack of vitamins. Only the captain of the ship did not suffer from it, as he ate the apricot jam he had taken with him.

If we eat a lot of vitamins, the body adapts and begins to remove their excess. We cannot take vitamins forever and there comes a time when there may be a lack of vitamins, because the body gets used to getting rid of their excess.

The question is whether a completely healthy person needs to unnecessarily take vitamins. We do not need it. It is pharmaceutical companies, which constantly sponsor vitamin advertisements, that need it.

At the end, I would like to cite the latest news about vitamins published on the website

«Excessive amounts of calcium and iron in the diet can lead to the development of glaucoma — a disease which threatens with the loss of vision and blindness, according to US researchers from the University of

Scientists emphasized that we are talking about the use of vitamin supplements with these minerals. At the same time, calcium and iron in food products, in contrast, reduce the risk of glaucoma, the study showed. Experts involved more than 6,000 people aged 40 years and older in their

According to experts, high doses of calcium and iron coming from vitamin supplements, against the background of the existing imbalance of macro and micro elements in the body, can cause damage to the trabecular network, contributing to the development of glaucoma

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