Crystals of our ancestors. Prelife.


It’s crystals. To me, they are very similar to renal tissue section. Isn’t it?

One of the hypotheses about the origin of life is that DNA and other organic molecules allegedly came from space on meteorites.

Any logic, the new Chaos theory and the HAT Medicine system suggest that life arises where conditions are favourable. Meteorites have nothing to do with it.

Each elementary particle that is born is accompanied by the birth of its antipode (antiparticles). Their «fight» leads to the birth of a more complex particle with the advent of a new antiparticle. Thus, more and more complex molecules arise up to cells (with anti-cells and viruses) and our consciousness.

Finally, prelife appears. This is a step towards the emergence of complex organic molecules, DNA and life.

This is a huge layer in the Earth’s evolutionary history that is represented by crystals.


These crystals resemble slices of living cells, don’t they?



Beautiful fractal structures of crystals resembling plant cells



Crystals resembling three-dimensional human cells



Crystals resembling cell vacuole



Fractal structure of crystals


Live corals resembling crystals


Isn’t all this amazing?

Did you know about it? So, the crystals are our distant ancestors. And I congratulate you on this.

So distant that it is difficult to imagine it. The law of negating negation.

The Vienna museum has a huge collection of crystals that surprised me very much. Some resemble body cells and even histology of various body tissues.

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