Diet for diabetes. Are endocrinologists right?


No one doubts that the right diet for diabetes plays a huge role in maintaining human health. But, it seems to me, endocrinologists incorrectly give advice to people with diabetes.

The basic principle followed by endocrinologists is split meals. «Eat 5 or 6 times a day,» they say.

To what extent is this true?

It is fundamentally not true. A person must eat a lot, but rarely. I will try to prove it.

Proof 1

Man is descended from predators. Predators eat meat and their food depends on the prey. After they find meat, they eat enough to be satisfied. They will not split their meal.

Once a lion is sated, he is not going to snack.

The human stomach is exactly like that of a predator. It is small.

In ruminant animals (vegetarians) the stomach is big and is made up of many chambers.

If a person is hungry, his cells and a large number of microbes in the stomach and intestines are hungry too (their number is much greater than all human cells). If we have a bite, all cells and germs will not get food.

Strife and struggle will begin between them. In some cases, this leads to headache, and in other cases, to other diseases that a person does not notice. This can occur many years later in the form of a disease (the transition of quantitative changes into qualitative ones).

Proof 2

Man is constantly under stress throughout the day. This is normal. Hunger, too, is a strong stress for the body. The most important thing is to relax after stress.

Relaxation occurs only after receiving sufficient food, when each cell is «sated» and when our microbes receive their portion of food, they all «relax». A person also has good relaxation. Relaxation is necessary for man.

When you have a snack, there is no relaxation, of course.

That’s why so much attention is paid to cooking on TV screens. What could be better than a great meal in the restaurant? This is a wonderful rest and good relaxation.

Proof 3

I came to this conclusion 30 years ago. I had some strange diarrhea for 2 years. We rested in the Baltic States. If I ate one strawberry on an empty stomach, I immediately felt exacerbation. But if I ate strawberries after meals, then there was nothing. This was repeated several times, and not only with strawberries. Even a small candy caused exacerbation.

In normal life, a person does not feel this. After that, I began to pay attention to this when dealing with other people. My mother-in-law ate a dry persimmon on an empty stomach (I tried to dissuade her from it, because she had a weak heart). Half an hour later she had a heart attack. Many similar cases can be cited from my practice.

Proof 4

I have a large number of patients with diabetic retinopathy. We conducted laser coagulation treatment with injections of Avastin. In some patients, despite the modern treatment, the process is progressing.

We recommend the HAT Medicine diet to all patients with diabetes after determining the level of cholesterol in the blood.

After a month, cholesterol levels drop sharply and sugar levels in blood normalize. And most importantly, the course of diabetic retinopathy stabilizes.

We have been giving these advice for the past 10 years. Patients’ general condition improves and they feel more cheerful.


I looked through web pages about diet in diabetes. Real chaos reigns there. One article states that patients with diabetes must not eat carrots and beetroot. Another article says just the opposite — that carrots are very useful for this category of patients.

Advice on diet for patients with diabetes

1. Eat no more than 3-4 times during the day.
You can eat everything (except for sweets). You can have first and second meals. Eat so as to be completely sated. If people are afraid to gain weight, it is necessary to eat more rarely.

2. Eat fruit and drink juices only after meals. During diarrhea, I drank potato juice mixed with apple 10 minutes before a meal. After some deterioration in the beginning, the drinking of juice before a meal did not have a negative impact later.

So, if a person is used to drinking juice before a meal, he may continue. By the way, people get used to everything.

3. Absolutely no snacking between meals. You can drink as much water as you like. Even a cup of tea with a small piece of sugar is a snack.

4. When talking to patients suffering from diabetes, they admitted that they consume candies, tea with sugar or jam in small quantities. Or even cakes.

If they really want these sweets, they should take them after a meal in small amounts. However, their consumption after supper is not desirable.

5. It should be noted that meat diet is very useful for all people. Fish is also useful.

After months of following this advice, our patients with type 2 diabetes felt much better. Blood sugar and cholesterol levels dropped, while the course of diabetic retinopathy improved.



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