The origin of religion. Will religion be needed in the 22nd century? (1)


It is interesting that of all animals, religion is peculiar only to man. And, regardless of the continent where Homo Sapiens was in ancient times, he created gods for himself everywhere. After all, this, apparently, was absolutely necessary for ancient humans, as well as for most people living in the modern world.

It is interesting that religion arose precisely during the evolution leap from the great apes to Homo Sapiens.

How religion was formed

With the increase in the volume of the brain, man’s thinking rose to a higher level.

Homo Sapiens realized himself as an exceptional person and began to contrast himself with nature and other people. The concept of «I» appeared. He realized that he was mortal and that his end would come one day. He could die at any moment from wild beasts, from congeners and from the vagaries of nature. This thought haunted ancient people.

«Chaos» — the fear of nature, the fear of disease and the fear of death — arose in his thoughts. He simply could not live with these fears. The way out was found simultaneously by all.

Homo Sapiens had to build in its mind a system that could explain everything. This happened intuitively and spontaneously and is based on the conditioned reflexes obtained in early infancy and childhood.

Why did man create the image of the Most High in his mind?

When a person is born, there is always a mother next to him. She gives him milk and protects the child. For a child at the beginning of his development, the mother is everything, including the world itself. In case of danger, the child (or other mammal) immediately runs to the mother and hides behind her. We have all seen this on the programme «In the animal world», when a wolf cub hides behind his mother in case of danger.

It is at the earliest age that «safety» sections related to the image of the mother or father are formed in the brain.

Then the child grows up and ends up in a world where there are many injustices, it is necessary to get food and protect oneself. The mother is not omnipotent and cannot protect him anymore. And the sections of the cortex responsible for safety have already formed and need to be recharged.

Therefore, an individual needs to look for a «defender». With various fears in a dream, he sees an image of the father or mother and it calms him.

He carries this image into everyday life and shares it with his congeners. And they have the same fears. In response to them, the image of the «Defender», who will help them in a difficult moment, is formed in the minds of primitive humans.

It is interesting that this «Defender» has all the features of the father and mother. He can punish, protect, reward or fulfill a request. Then the «Deities» take on a definite form. It can be objects of nature, «God of the Sun, Wind, Tree.»

Some peoples had gods of «War», «Love», etc. Idols began to appear. Pagan gods need gifts and sacrificial offerings. The most important offering in some religions was the man himself. He was offered as a sacrifice.

It is interesting that such sacrifices were made both in ancient Europe and in America. So people came to this independently of each other. Evolution takes its course.

These were pagan religions, for which polytheism is characteristic.

Departing from the narrative, I want to note that life did not develop because of meteorites that brought DNA. Intelligent life developed gradually, and under favourable conditions, it arose at a strictly certain time in the whole space where people were (and not primarily in Africa, as it is now believed).

A huge number of primitive humans «went off scale». Neanderthals, Sinanthropus and Cro-Magnon people wandered around the world. It was «multiplicity» that led to a revolutionary leap of consciousness at that time. This multiplicity is necessary for a huge number of mutations, which is ruled out for animals currently living in the world. Each phenomenon has its place and time.

Evolution is taking its course and man’s consciousness is gradually improving. It is no longer possible to explain to man that the Tree or the Sun can be a deity. Everyone starts to agree that there is One God. So gradually people tend to think that God is one. That is, monotheism emerges.

It is interesting to note that with the formation of religion, meditation arises and improves.

Meditation is a powerful mechanism that helps to distract a person from most fears and causes calmness in the soul and body. Meditation is the main tool of any religion.

The current state of religion

Research conducted by scientists showed that intellectuality and religiosity are in an opposite relationship to each other.

Recently, especially in Europe, people began to move away from religion (not from spirituality). The higher the religiosity, the more intolerance and less spirituality.

Can spirituality completely replace religiosity or not? Will religion disappear in the future, adapt to modern conditions, or assume new forms? Nothing arises from nothing and disappears without a trace. Our descendants will see this. And we can only make assumptions. I will introduce one of these assumptions in the next article.

(to be continued)

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