Evolution of religion in the 22nd century, assumption. In the image and likeness of God (part 3)


So any religion must meet the following criteria.

  1. The presence of the Transcendent Highest Consciousness.
  2. Eternity of the Highest Consciousness.
  3. Immortality
  4. The presence of meditation with the reading of excerpts from the sacred books.
  5. Code of conduct in society, the presence of rituals that remain unchanged for a long time.

Presence of the Highest Consciousness — God

The question arises where exactly God is and what his image is like.

Since it is written that God created man in the image and likeness of his own, God was previously seen as a man with a beard. Now we do not see him this way.

Modern space telescopes have such resolving power that we can see cosmic objects on the extreme boundaries of the universe. Naturally, nowhere is there any special spiritual substance.

One can imagine an image of the Highest Consciousness in the form of the Universe, which is everywhere and nowhere. Some believe that He is in the matter itself and is its integral part.

Eternity of the Highest Consciousness

Since any person is mortal and people follow each other, Eternal Consciousness, in contrast to mortality, must have Eternity and Immortality.

So let’s figure out what is God or the Highest Consciousness.

In order to answer this question, let’s look at the very notion of consciousness.


Consciousness is a state of the person’s mental life expressed in the subjective experience of the events of the external world and the life of the individual himself, and also in the account of these events (Wikipedia). How is this decrypted? There are many formulations to define consciousness. Although there are still disputes regarding these formulations.

Another question is whether our closest ancestors, monkeys, dogs or cats have consciousness. Scientists still argue about this, but it is a fact that some monkeys can learn up to 2,000 words of AmSLan (the language of deaf-mutes).

Human consciousness could not develop from scratch. It was preceded by millions of years of evolution. It arose from the consciousness of primitive people, our direct ancestors. Sometimes it’s hard to believe it and it’s natural for humans to deny unusual things. This is the so-called law of «the negation of the negation.»

Let’s move away from the definition of Consciousness and consider the following case.

The story of Boris Johnson

Do you know who your grandparents are? You probably do. And who are the parents of your grandparents. Many, too, probably know them. And who are your great-great-grandmother and great-great-grandfather. Here many people will probably find it difficult to answer.


In England, one of the popular science films decided to find out who the ancestors of the famous British politician Boris Johnson are. He considered himself a classic Englishman.

A lot of money was allocated, and they began to study archival documents and what happened?

The «thoroughbred» Englishman turned out to have Circassian, Jewish, Russian, Hungarian and even Turkish blood. His direct descendant was a Turk, the Minister of Internal Affairs in the government of Ahmet Tefvik Pasha, the last Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire. His ancestor Osman Ali fled to the UK, where he assumed the name of Wilfred Johnson. The great-grandmother on the paternal line Hanifa Fered was a Circassian. And his great-grandfather on the maternal line is the American scientist Elias Levy, a native of the Russian Empire of Jewish origin.

Recently, a mummy was found in the Barfusser Church in the Swiss city of Basel. She was from a well-to-do family in Basel and is the direct great-great-grandmother of Boris Johnson in the 16th century.

For him it was a shock and he did not even know what to say.

It’s the ancestors of just one person in some 200-300 years. This is a fraction of a second in the time scale of the universe.

And who were your ancestors 300 years ago? And 1000 years ago? A million years ago?

Let’s do a mental experiment. We know that consciousness evolves gradually. It could not be formed from nothing. This was preceded by millions of years of evolution.

In Soviet times, we all studied undeservedly forgotten dialectical materialism and its laws. These laws are now experiencing a new birth and are becoming laws about a new science — Chaos.

One of the laws says: quantitative changes turn into qualitative changes. That is, the gradual increase in the number of nerve cells in the brain led to a qualitative leap in the evolution of consciousness one fine day.

Homo sapiens and a new Consciousness were born, of which we are so proud and which is still so imperfect.

So we know our parents — Father and Mother. These are our parents, our «Gods». They had their own parents, and they had their own.

So, we have a Time spaceship and we delve into our past and the past of our Earth. We will travel 300 years back, and imagine who your ancestors could be and in what territory they lived. Then we will move 1000 years back. Where did your ancestors come from? Maybe they lived in Venice and took part in the construction of a church in 1080? Or were they ancient Slavs who served some prince?

And where did the Slavs came from? Scientists can only speculate about the existence of Indo-European tribes. With the help of the Time Machine, we could find out where exactly our direct ancestors came from.

So 2000 thousand years ago, the world was dominated by the Roman Empire. We were Romans or slaves of Rome?

After all, this is real, our every ancestor had their own ancestor.

200,000 years ago

This is the period when, according to geneticists, the same revolution of consciousness took place and when modern people emerged from primitive people. Who were your ancestors then?

500,000 years ago. At this time the world was dominated by primitive people. Among them were our ancestors, there were Neanderthals and other species. Sometimes there were interspecific marriages between them (were there any at all?).


400 million years ago

Basically, all animals were in the ocean in the form of fish. Fish had just begun to move to the land after tides. I wonder who was our direct ancestor then.

So walking back in time we will see the kingdom of unicellular organisms, in which one of them could be our direct ancestor.

Going even further, we will see how we were a gas or some molecule before.

Briefly on the evolution of consciousness

Travelling to the past in the time machine, we can see how our consciousness evolved. It was also found in anthropoid apes, but in a completely different, more primitive form. It was also in their predecessors, but in a more primitive form. It was also in ancient fish and even in unicellular organisms. But this consciousness was so primitive that we cannot call it consciousness as we know it. Nevertheless, this is the prototype of consciousness.

What is consciousness?

How do we think? In childhood we are trying to imitate. Our mind constantly solves the dilemma: buy or not buy, like or not like, go left or not go left, eat or not eat. Isn’t it like a computer where there are only two combinations? There is electricity (1), there is no electricity (0). This is one bit of information. But when these bits are huge, the computer gives us a fantastic picture on the screen.

That is, our consciousness is constantly faced with a choice. There is a huge number of choices.

The consciousness of anthropoid apes, dogs and cats, too, is built on this principle, they simply have a much smaller number of «gigabytes», and therefore, we do not identify their consciousness with ours.

More primitive animals also have the same principle with an even smaller set of bits of information.

Thus, we reach the molecules and elementary particles. Do they have consciousness. Of course, they do not in the concept in which we defined consciousness. But the elementary particle moves, so it also has a choice. It can swerve one way or the other. It can enter into interaction. This is the same choice and this is one bit of information. But in humans it is billions or trillions times more. If we proceed from these assumptions, elementary particles also have a «consciousness». Here the law of the «negation of the negation» manifests itself.

That is, hydrogen cannot realize that it is a relative of Helium. One of the most active elements of the universe has only one proton and one electron less than Helium (quantitative changes turn into qualitative changes). They deny each other.

Conclusion (Immortality)

Thus, we see how everything in the world is related to each other. The connection is based on antagonism (the struggle of opposites). We can see kinship not only with our closest ancestors, but also with the entire Universe. But our immediate ancestors are father and mother, grandparents, our great-grandfathers and so on, and the whole universe. This means everything living and close, and our task is to honour this Memory.

What is I (individual)? In me lies the whole power of the Universe, the whole Mind of the Universe. I know the laws of Archimedes, Newton, Einstein, the knowledge of ancient Chinese medicine. My body is the result of millions of years of evolution. I still remember my parents who read out fairy tales to me, taught me mathematics, and my teachers who formed me as a person.

Have they died? They live in me, they are alive with the same emotions and experiences. I’m just a relay in this fantastic transformation called Life. And if I want to continue this transformation, I do not have the right to hate anyone.

My grandfather on my mother’s side was an active Bolshevik, fought the «Whites» and forced my grandmother to vote for number 17, although his father was almost executed by the Communists. Now some are cursing the Communists. But if had it not been for him, I would not exist with my thinking and emotions.

Therefore, hatred and stagnation of thinking on the pages of the same Live Journal are incomprehensible to me, and I simply do not pay attention to it. People are at different stages of their development and may change with time.


Pictures of my ancestors in my dacha empower me

So, thus we confirm the concept of the IMMORTALITY of our consciousness. And even our death is a natural relay race, which we pass on to others. As our Parents live in us, we will live in our Children and in People with whom we contacted and whom we passed something.

The image of the Highest Consciousness

Pay attention to the evolution of life on Earth. It is not an accident, it is a fatal pattern. It seems that under favourable conditions on any planet, matter develops according to one scenario. It seems that there is a Fantastic Centre that manages the Evolution of Consciousness. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin called this the Omega Point. This is the Universe itself with the spirituality in it, which he called radial. I would call it the Elementary Consciousness, the attractor. But on the scale of the entire Universe — this is the Highest Consciousness — the Great Attractor, which is inaccessible to our consciousness, but to which the Human Consciousness will continuously strive and approach God (the Highest Consciousness). But this contact will never happen.

Therefore, this Highest Consciousness exists and its representative on the Earth are our parents, the closest ancestors and distant ancestors and the whole Universe. Thus, represented by our parents, the image of God acquires warmth, reliability and protection that all the Strength and Knowledge of the Universe join.

It is this Highest Consciousness that controls all processes in the Universe. It exists Eternally, it is Transcendent and It cares for us.

Therefore, when I meditate, I appeal to this Image. I live, raise children, work and create for his sake. But nothing human is alien to me. There are no prejudices and dogmas of conservative thinking.


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