Strabismus in children is not a problem


We were visited by the parents of a toddler with convergent strabismus of the right eye. Prior to that, he was treated with some pills and injections.

The examination revealed that the vision in both eyes is low, especially in the right eye.

Glasses were prescribed by the HAT Medicine system. After six months, the symmetrical position of the eyes was fully recovered.

The question may arise — so what? Many doctors prescribe glasses. Yes, if there is a high hypermetropia (positive refraction), it is possible to correct strabismus. But if not, this form of strabismus is attributed to accommodative and surgical treatment is offered.

But besides that, every child has some degree of astigmatism.

The prescription of glasses by the HAT Medicine system is that we use the slightest error in refraction. In our prescription we prescribe the cylindrical component of 0.25 dioptres for glasses.

This value is so small that doctors do not take it into account. People cannot even imagine that it may cause strabismus.


Generally strabismus in children below 8 months is called infantile and is treated worldwide only with the help of surgery. At the same time, there are repeated operations. But even surgery does not restore the poor eyesight of the squinting eye in the future, and these children will not be able to watch TV in the 3D system.

In our own system, with timely treatment, we achieved almost 100% recovery of the symmetric position of the eyes, but only with timely treatment. If a child developed strabismus at 3 months and they came to us at 1.2 years, it is already too late.

Here, we use many of the laws of Chaos: the unity and struggle of opposites and the «butterfly effect».

At the birth our children are blind. From the moment of the development of the eyes, their vision begins to form. The eyesight of mammals (including humans) is binocular. Binocular vision gives an opportunity to merge two images from both eyes in the brain. Binocular cells form from the moment of birth.

Two eyes constantly «fight» each other for the right to form a connection to the brain cells. If one eye is slightly stronger than the other, it gets more brain cells, and the other starts to deviate. Therefore, if you achieve the same vision in both eyes through micro-correction, the squint disappears very quickly.

So our task is to fully get rid of strabismus in Azerbaijan and all over the world.

Only with timely treatment at the HAT Medicine clinic, can we save the child from strabismus in 6 months.

We are conducting scientific work and have published scientific articles.

In addition, a staff member of our clinic made a report at the International Congress of Children’s Ophthalmologists in Milan and Japan.

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