The story of recovery from hepatitis C


11 June 2009. At random examination, hepatitis B and C were discovered in me at the same time. I was feeling well. But this came like a bolt from the blue. I had liver function tests, and all was normal — AST = 44 and ALT = 42. I had my wife and 12-year-old son checked. No hepatitis was detected in them. I do not know where hepatitis came from. I go to the dentist with my own instruments. I used to do dacryocystorhinostomy operations without gloves. It’s a bloody operation. Three years ago, I hurt myself with a needle during an operation. I had endoscopy three times (with an experimental purpose).

I cannot remember anything else. I became depressed. I had a PCR blood test. I started to notice that I had red stained hands typical of hepatitis.

How long I had hepatitis is difficult to answer. All necessary tests were done, everything was fine. Hepatitis B turned out to be inactive, while the PCR test for hepatitis C – 550,000. The genotype of hepatitis C was 1b. I did FibroTest, which showed a phenomenon of fibrosis in the second or third degrees. At the same time, the ultrasound examination revealed no changes.

I felt very well. It seemed to me that I know all my body. It turned out that it was not the case. HAT treatment does not affect viruses. My hepatologist friends were divided. Some said that it is necessary to treat hepatitis, others said there is no need for that, since all parameters of liver samples, including ALT and AST were normal. But perhaps I could not live knowing that there is some kind of infection in me. So I made the decision to begin treatment.

28 August 2009. Today I began treatment with Pegasys (180) and ribavirin 5 tablets per day.

Despite the fact that I have almost no positive predictors, I hope for success. My friend who received treatment for hepatitis C (genotype 2a) for a long time failed to recover. According to him, he ate cottage cheese and yogurt every day.

Knowing from our system that products of fermentation of microbes alter human symptoms and that they are likely to alter the antigenic composition of the microbial population, I decided to exclude them completely from my diet during treatment. I decided that if the use of these products does not lead to recovery in treatment with the HAT method, there may be no recovery in treatment with interferons.

Immediately after the beginning of treatment I began to feel that the general condition started to change: there appeared pain in the back, vitality sharply decreased, and catarrhal phenomena and headaches appeared. After a while, there appeared dull pain in the liver area (although I did not have it before).

Shortness of breath appeared. A month after the start of treatment, my overall health deteriorated so much that I almost stopped the treatment. My doctor talked me out of it. To make it easier to stand the treatment, I ate on time. I try to engage in light exercise every day: walking. I noticed that it is very difficult to do push-ups, though earlier it was very easy for me. Therefore, I focus on light exercises, walking, exercise bicycle and swimming once or twice a week for 45 minutes.


At one time there was shortness of breath during exercise. I could run up to the 5th floor completely freely. Now when climbing to the second floor, I am short-winded. I thought I had a heart disease, but the examination did not show it. Then, suddenly, I had a rash in the throat (like irritation from shaving), a sore on the middle finger of the left hand and little dots on the gastrocnemius muscle. And this was accompanied by severe itching. The most interesting thing is that when they appeared, the shortness of breath during exercise immediately went away. It was neurodermatitis. Consequently, shortness of breath and «skin disease» can transform into each other.


Fig. Hyperemia in the skin of the neck after shortness of breath that lasted for a month

Fig. A crack on the middle finger of the left hand


Fig. «Cracks» on the index finger of the left hand

After 3 months and 2 weeks of the treatment with interferon, I did a PCR test for virus C in the blood. The result was negative. It made me very happy. Since I did not have positive predictors of treatment, there could be no effect. But I completely abandoned microbial fermentation products in my diet: kefir, yogurt, pickles and even cottage cheese. I believe that this effect can also be connected only to appropriate treatment and diet.

Fig.  1 I’m sitting next to my wife. This is cachexia

15 June 2010. The 10th month of treatment is under way. During the whole time I was heavily involved in walking on a treadmill and exercise bicycle for an hour a day. In the last month I also did other exercises for about an hour. I felt that I had lost a lot of weight. During all this time, I lost 14 kg (see the photo).

By the end of the treatment, I realized that during interferon therapy, physical activity is desirable, but should not be excessive. Physical exercise for 2.5 hours per day in the absence of appetite can lead to real cachexia.

Blood, sugar, thyroid hormones, ALT, AST and other tests throughout the treatment were normal. I did an ultrasound examination of the abdomen. No pathology was revealed.

Besides, I lost my appetite in the recent period.

22 October 2010. I completed my treatment almost a month ago. I made 50 injections of interferon. By the end of the treatment I dramatically lost weight and weighed 53 kg. Against the background of weakness, my appetite was sharply reduced. Laboratory findings were normal. PCR was negative. I hope that it will be negative after 6 months too.

But as soon as the treatment ended, I immediately got my appetite back and began to recover, and my vitality dramatically increased. I cannot get enough of this state.

A repeat test of PCR carried out 4 months after the treatment showed that there was no virus in the blood.

It’s been 5 years and there is no virus in the blood.

Then I advised three patients to adhere to this diet. One of them had been treated before, but the treatment did not help him.

All three fully recovered from the disease.

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