Thrombosis of the central retinal vein


It is known that blood in the vessels moves not steadily but helically and spirally. The spiral motion is the fractal structure of the movement of blood. The heart could never pump so much blood if the vessels of the body did not help it. With each contraction, a wave goes from the heart to all vessels. This wave causes the blood to circulate throughout the body. What is more, blood corpuscles are in the centre of the vessel, while the plasma located on the periphery. This is evidenced by the fluorescein angiography of the retina. Colouring occurs first on the near-wall region, and then on the whole vessel. If you change the fractal cellular structures (violation of the subsequent arrangement of cells) the helical movement of vessels on the artery can be disrupted. This will lead to «swirls» in the movement of blood. The fractal structure of the blood flow is disturbed, and the blood flow becomes turbulent.

That is to say, in fact, the blood moves from a normal movement (helical — fractal) to a chaotic movement. When the movement is chaotic, swirls emerge, and blood corpuscles begin to move towards the edge of the vascular wall and affect the walls of the vessel. Since the artery in some places is in the same membrane as the veins and at intersections of arteries and veins, there can be local damage to the endothelial cells of the veins. The arteries are not affected as they have a thicker wall.

On the site of the damage, platelet adhesion and their destruction begin and blood clots and thrombosis develops.

Clinic of thrombosis

The picture of the fundus resembles a picture of «a crushed tomato».

Fig. 1. Thrombosis of the central retinal vein

Fig. 2. Thrombosis of the below temporal  branches of the central retinal vein


Treatment of thrombosis is not to prescribe direct anticoagulants on the scheme by reducing the initial prothrombin index twice and panretinal laser coagulation.

image description

image description

The laser coagulation of the retina and injections of Avastin give an excellent effect. For this reason, we do not use specific HAT treatment. Especially as it is difficult to turn back an event after it develops. It should be noted that a thrombosis that develops at a young age is easier to treat than a thrombosis that develops in the elderly.

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