Do you know what the most dangerous eye disease is?


You can hear that it’s glaucoma or cataract. But in fact it is diabetic retinopathy.

Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of diabetes mellitus on the retina .This disease ranks first for the number of blind people in the world among other eye diseases (if we exclude eye injuries).

This disease is dangerous because for a long time (possibly for years) patients are not aware of it. Visual acuity does not suffer and remains 100 per cent for a long time.

Visual acuity usually decreases suddenly for two reasons:

1. Retinal edema
2. Vitreous hemorrhage

Diabetic retinopathy was hitherto considered vascular pathology. We proved for the first time that the cause of the disease lies in damage to the glial cells of the retina.

Damage to the retinal vessels is secondary.

I have already released a second book on the subject. This monograph takes a new look at the cause of the disease and treatment.

In addition, on the basis of previously published articles, this book takes a new look at some aspects of gerontology for the first time. In particular, based on the description of the vitreous humor it is assumed that the fibrils of the vitreous humor have an intracellular nature.

The book, which is a manual for physicians, describes the central retinal vein thrombosis from the standpoint of fractal medicine. The disruption of the correct helical movement of blood in the veins of the retina (appearance of chaotic turbulence) may lead to thrombosis of the central retinal vein. This is in line with the interpretation of HAT Medicine. For the first time the book cites the laws of Chaos.

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