On the benefits of stress, emotions and zigzags


One of the basic laws of evolution and chaos is that a large thing is a reflection of a small one.

The stability of the atom is provided by a positively charged nucleus and electrons revolving around it. But even in the atom, electrons sometimes escape from their orbit, taking a piece of energy with them. At this moment, the atom gets into an excited state (a state of stress). After some time, the electron can return to its orbit and the atom regains stability.

That does it reminds us of? Aren’t relations between people like the behaviour of atoms? See how women like to watch TV series, which show love, betrayal, hate, gun and blood.

We can say more. Look at some countries. There has been stability there for a long time. But internal contradictions (struggle of opposites) can lead to a variety of colour revolutions, and then there is chaos (for a short or long period). And after some time, there is stability again. There is a question? Aren’t such periodic «jerks» one of the characteristics of the existence of matter?

«There was a blessing in disguise» is proverb known to all.

Almost all my articles talk about the necessity of balance in the human body — balance at different levels, especially the balance between populations of microbes and our antibodies. This is a basic condition for the preservation of health and longevity.

But at the same time, same health apparently needs «zigzags».

If a person has some kind of chronic disease and it does not pass, in the time of Turgenev people were advised «to go to waters». This meant the need to change the familiar surroundings and familiar way of life.


All our behaviour and all our knowledge are emotional.

It is known that long stress leads to the appearance of ulcers in the stomach and intestines. Emotions are different and also polar: sorrow-joy, fear-anger, etc.

According to Selye’s theory, any stress, whether it is joy or sorrow, causes the same reaction from the body in hormone production. But the emotional and muscular reaction is different.

According to Oriental medicine, long inhibitions lead to disease in the gastrointestinal tract. The yellow colour of the cutaneous covering is characteristic for these inhibitions.

If a person experiences prolonged anger (an angry man, constantly annoyed), it usually affects the liver and causes glaucoma more often. For these people, the green colour of the cutaneous covering is characteristic. It is not in vain that they say «green with anger».

Sorrow causes lung damage. You know what the colour of the cutaneous covering is – it is white. People who go to prison are often sick with tuberculosis. For tuberculosis a white complexion with red cheeks is characteristic.

Long fear can cause kidney disease and hypertension. The colour of the cutaneous covering is black. This reduces the muscle tone of the pelvic muscles. People in this period may be incontinent, while the dog has her tail between her legs when she runs away.

The most optimal emotion for humans is joy. At this moment, many human organs are normalized. But even joy in excessive amounts can harm the heart. Sociable people who love company and drink are more likely to suffer from heart disease (with age). The colour of the cutaneous covering is red.

For the normal existence of the human body there must be a balance in emotions. The more diverse human emotions, the more resilient to the environment and the healthier they are.

So what is the conclusion? We should feel all emotions. Even if we are in equilibrium with ourselves and the outside world, sometimes we have to experience «zigzags» and show anger on some occasion, while women can cry over some film. Sometimes after some anger and discharge, we feel relieved. But it should not become a lifestyle. This should be done rarely without hurting your loved ones.

This is necessary because if the activity of human strings is in any system of organs, for example, in the gastrointestinal tract, it is necessary to move this activity into another area of ​​activity – heart or liver. In the first case, you need joy, and in the second — to vent your fury on someone.

Naturally, we need to go somewhere on holiday to change the situation. It’s very, very relaxing.

Life is multicoloured. The colour depends on our emotions. We need to develop our emotions: rejoice more and worry about your close friends.

Put on different masks, try not to be the same, copy the behaviour and emotions of people you like. Read HAT Medicine articles. As Steve Jobs said, «think different».

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