His Majesty Stress. Her Majesty Relaxation


There is not particle, atom, cell or organism that would not exist in two states: excited and unexcited. When excited, the electron rises to a higher orbit, the atom increases its vibrational-forward motion, and man feels under stress when excited.

Stress has several formulations.

Selye described stress very well.

Regardless of whether a person is happy, is grieving or is feeling hot or cold — the body’s response in this case is absolutely the same.

This is the excitement of the hypothalamus, hypophysis, adrenal glands and the release of large amounts of adrenaline, serotonin and so on. These substances help to mobilize the body and relieve stress. This is the non-specific response of the body.

The main types of stress

1. Hunger
2. Sexual dissatisfaction
3. Different types of fear (fear of death, fear of danger, fear of punishment, fear of poverty, etc.)
4. Disadvantaged vanity.
5. Physical kinds of stress: cold, heat, etc.

A mother, who is told about the death of her only son in battle, feels a terrible emotional shock. If many years later it appears that the report was false and her son suddenly enters the room unharmed, she feels strong joy. The specific results of the two events — sorrow and joy — are absolutely different and even opposite, but their stressor effect – the non-specific requirement to adapt to the new situation — may be the same.

Hans Selye. (Stress without Distress, M., «Progress», 1982, p.124)

The second characteristic feature of stress is the point ulceration of the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. Their formation is due to a high concentration of corticoids in the blood.

The two states of the body are an important condition for its normal existence.

It is known from literature that stress can be caused by many factors such as hunger, thirst, different kinds of fear, exposure to cold or heat. Every day we feel hungry several times, feel a sexual desire and use disguised forms of struggle with others. This is one of the natural states of the organism. Thus, people are periodically under so-called stress not only during their lifetime, but also during the day. This is probably one of the main permanent states of the body.


Stress and relaxation are two sides of the same coin. It is like black and white or plus and minus. There is no relaxation without stress and no stress without relaxation. So what is stress? Is it good or bad?

Naturally, stress is an enormous benefit that nature has given us. There is no life without stress. If there is no food or shelter, people experience severe stress and all their thoughts are directed to meet their needs.

Stress causes people to get food, keep up with other people in terms of material assets, move science forward, write beautiful works of art, make love and reproduce.



Relaxation is the realization of the stress that has emerged. The first principal stress is the stress of hunger. Therefore, sated, people experience a good condition and relax. Some people feel sleepy at this time. There is even a definition of relaxation. Relaxation is a state of wakefulness characterized by reduced psychophysiological activity that is felt either in the whole body or in any of its systems.

The main types of relaxation

FOOD — satisfying hunger.


Meal is one of the main forms of relaxation. Recall the state when we are hungry. We cannot do anything and just think about food. But after a heavy meal, we calm down with a sense of relaxation.

That is why there has been a cult of food at all times. In restaurants we can eat and relax properly. We can draw an important conclusion from this. If you want to relax well, you have to eat well — not snack, but eat. This is an important condition for the preservation of health.

SEX — satisfaction of sexual desire


This feeling of satisfaction comes during puberty. But unconscious preparation for it starts from the appearance of children’s games.

In most animals, this form of relaxation occurs in the natural environment, i.e. accidental learning from other congeners.

Sex causes wonderful natural relaxation. Sex is one of the main forms of relaxation both among animals and humans. According to Freud, sex is the defining form of human behaviour. One of his main thoughts and actions is to meet this need.

Studies have confirmed that sex has a positive effect on the immune system. In people who have a sexual intercourse two or three times a week, the concentration of the protective protein IgA is nearly a third more than in those who abstain from sex.

Observations of some scientists showed that in patients with mastopathy, 79 per cent complained about sexual dissatisfaction.

Similar processes occur in the genitals: blood, flowing into the uterus, brings an excessive amount of estrogen. These aggressive hormones directly infiltrate into the nucleus, causing a rapid growth in the myometrium (smooth muscle cells).

The absence of sex in women can lead to myoma. Incidentally, in the beginning of this century hysteromyoma was called — «nun’s tumour».

Active physical exercise

These are well-known exercises. You can see more about them on the page (link).

When I came home at 7 o’clock, I had dinner and was so tired that I did not want to do anything. But I overcame myself, went to the gym, swam and felt no fatigue. I felt rested and completely relaxed.

Once a well-known actor and athlete said the following sentence: After leaving the gym, I feel as if I had come. These states are really very similar.

Balance between stress and relaxation

Thus, the sine qua non of the existence of any organism is to have a balance between stress and relaxation. Stress occurs at every step. Any manifestation of activity is accompanied by stress, the approximation of the lunch time is also accompanied by stress, etc. At the same time, we constantly have relaxation, which is evident in the use of food, physical activity, or achieving any small or big goals. In children, the balance is maintained automatically. Children have less stress, but more physical activity. Therefore, keeping the child from physical activity is not recommended. This can lead to disease.

In adults, the situation is somewhat different. We have new stress stimuli associated with the need to get food, build a home, struggle for survival in the environment, etc. Full relaxation depends on how the human overcomes stress (stress management).

We should live every day so that there is a balance between stress and relaxation. Each person has his own preferences. Some «fall» on food in order to calm down. We believe that the obesity of many people is partly due to this fact. Not realizing this, they relax in this way.

Other people use many casual relationships to relax. This is their way of life, and some become alcoholics or drug addicts. If you have nothing to relieve stress with, go and chop firewood. This is a joke, of course.

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