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Faced with the concept of HAT medicine for the first time, the reader will have many questions. We will briefly give our readers the necessary information to quickly understand the basics of HAT medicine.

HAT medicine (short for Human Attractor Treatment) is treatment of human attractors. An attractor is a concept that came into use from the new field of the science of chaos.

Chaos itself can be regarded as an independent science, and every science can be viewed from the standpoint of the same Chaos.

During Soviet times, dialectical-materialist philosophy was considered a science of all sciences and a kind of universal tool for understanding the world. Today we can say that the science of Chaos is a science of all sciences.

However, we must admit that some of the laws of dialectical materialism are inherent in the laws of Chaos.

It all starts with chaos and returns to chaos. But there is also order on this way.

Order is the ultimate manifestation of chaos. Elementary particles (or waves) and enormous galaxies are moving according to the laws of chaos.

Elementary particles are influenced by other forces in their motion. At the same time, they can deviate in one direction and then another. In this case, they take a certain path, which represents a fractal structure.

A developing fractal structure is an attractor. More complex particles take a different path and so on. Fractal structures are typical for any matter, both inorganic and organic.

Since the Big Bang, matter has been constantly striving for complication. The impression is that someone is guiding the process. The process is guided by the law of Chaos.

What is the cause of the self-perfection of matter? It turns out it is the provision of dialectical materialism we all know — the struggle of opposites. A newly-formed particle immediately gets its own antipode. With this antiparticle it starts a fight, and in this fight more complex matter eventually forms, which means a more complicated structure of the arising attractor. Thus, organic matter develops. Cell development is a revolution in the organic world. A fractal structure of an amazing nature appeared. This structure is very complex and is itself composed of a plurality of simple fractals or attractors.

But as soon as this miracle was formed, there immediately appeared another cell or a virus or another organism, which appeared even earlier, with which they will fight tooth and nail. In this struggle, a balance may form.

This balance of two cells or cells and antibodies is a fractal-like structure again.

Thus, we see that as matter becomes complex, the fractal structure of matter becomes more complex too. As opposites are in equilibrium, matter starts becoming complex and perfect.

According to the laws of chaos, the human body exists and works. Look at fractals of the inorganic nature and fractals of human cells and organs, and you’ll see the similarities.

In the event of illness the fractal structure is disrupted. This occurs at the level of molecules, cells and the whole organism.

Using HAT medicine treatment we restore this structure. This is achieved by restoring the balance between the microbial population that constantly lives in the human body and our immune cells.

Special antibiotic therapy is performed, but in very small doses. There is a dosage for each disease.

But the treatment will not be effective if the patient does not observe a certain diet.

The meaning of the diet is that during and for some time after the treatment, the use of microbial fermentation products is completely excluded. These microbes or their metabolic products compete with local populations of microbes and prevent the restoration of equilibrium.

In principle, in future this method could be used to treat all diseases except for hereditary diseases and some forms of cancer.

But at present, only treatment for some groups, which you will find on our website, has been developed. In these diseases, we can guarantee recovery literally in 6-8 days (diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, sinusitis, prostatitis, herniated spinal disc, etc.).

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