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Rasim Vahid oglu Hajiyev, a professor of ophthalmology at the A. Aliyev Azerbaijan State Institute for the Retraining of Doctors and doctor of medicine.

How did I come to the creation of HAT medicine?

Soon after graduating from the Medical Institute, I began to have symptoms of chronic prostatitis. I consulted a doctor and was treated with antibiotics, but the symptoms of prostatitis did not fully disappear. For 2 years I constantly took antibiotics. Reduced pain was replaced by stronger pain, but it did not pass completely. Sometimes the pain almost passed, but after eating pickles, it got stronger again. At first, I did not pay attention. I got almost addicted to antibiotics. I injected them into myself intravenously.

But suddenly, after 2 years of continuous treatment, I realized that I need to stop. If I continue the treatment with antibiotics, it may get worse. What I need to do is not to kill the microflora of the mucous membranes, but only to weaken it. It is the balance between the microbial flora and the antibodies that is the key to health.

Then I realized that I can cure chronic prostatitis in a very short period of time. I started to treat all my friends for chronic prostatitis. I opened a private office on sexual pathology, where I treated patients for prostatitis. At the same time, working as an ophthalmologist, I began to apply my knowledge in chronic eye diseases. In 1997, I started using this method to treat certain forms of optic nerve atrophy. I named this method HAT Medicine.

Then there was diarrhea. It lasted a very long time. I began to develop HAT medicine methodology for this disease. And when I was desperate, it worked. After that, I understood how to treat other diseases. I started experimenting on myself, conducted permanent treatment and did ultrasound examinations and endoscopy many times.

The fact that I knew related disciplines helped me: astronomy, physics, chemistry and other subjects. I am especially grateful to the magazine V Mire Nauki, the Russian name of Scientific American. Receiving this magazine for 20 years, I learned about chaos and its laws.

Without it, this site and the concept of HAT medicine would not exist.

What is HAT Medicine?

It is the abbreviation for Human Attractor Treatment. It is a science of chaos and its laws.

If you look at the last 100 years, science and technology have achieved fantastic success. Could we imagine 150 years ago that we would drive cars, fly airplanes and use gadgets and mobile phones?

In medicine, there are also a number of achievements: the discovery of antibiotics and hormones. Incredible organ transplants, endoscopic surgery and eye surgery (vitrectomy, excimer laser surgery) are carried out. But it is very difficult to treat common chronic conjunctivitis, back pain and asthma.

So the HAT Medicine system explains the nature of diseases and their treatment from a completely new position.

Many diseases can be treated in just 5 days. It seems incredible, and it’s hard to believe it, but videos of hundreds of patients posted on our website suggest otherwise.

Physicists, chemists, mathematicians and representatives of social sciences study chaos and its laws. It turned out that all the phenomena on Earth and in space are subject to the laws of chaos. «The Butterfly Effect» suggested by Ray Bradbury became known worldwide. Even Hollywood used these characters in the names of its pictures.

Reading our site, you can gradually (not immediately) change not only your attitude to your health, but also to all events in the world. All events are subject to the laws of chaos and these laws should be studied at school.