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The patient began to see again

The patient began to see again On 23 December 2013, Nadir Fattayevich Cemilov, 56, came from Istanbul to Baku with virtually no vision. He is […]


Treatment of optic nerve atrophy in Aleksandr Podorov (VIDEO)

Podorov A. V., 32, arrived from Novorossiysk on 16 January 2014 After the flu and stress, in September 2012, Aleksandr Podorov, 32, felt a deterioration […]


Fantastic recovery from optic atrophy (multiple sclerosis)

  Patient I. I., 42 years old. One of typical cases. Seven years ago we were visited by patient I. I. with atrophy of the […]


Neurological eye tic. Recovery in 6 days

10 years ago we received a patient with frequent blinking eye movements, which had bothered him for a year. He was repeatedly treated and had […]


HAT Medicine Diet

A lot has been written about diet. There is a vegetarian diet, a cheese diet. Recently, a lot has been written about the benefits of […]


Novelty in medicine: Eye clinical attractor

We were visited by a 31-year-old woman with complaints of a sudden decline in the right eye a week ago. When we questioned her, we […]