HAT Medicine treatment

Our mucous membranes that are in contact with the external environment are «swarming» with microbes. Thanks to these microbes we and our cells exist. These […]


HAT Medicine philosophy

Faced with the concept of HAT medicine for the first time, the reader will have many questions. We will briefly give our readers the necessary […]


What is belching and is it beneficial?

The subject of belching has always been controversial in various societies of the world (in the etiquette of different societies). In medieval Europe and China, […]


On the benefits of stretching and yawning

All people and animals yawn A lot has been written about yawning. What is the cause of yawning? Some scientists believe that as a result […]



There is an incredible multitude of definitions for the word meditation. Some are very cumbersome and complex, while others are short, but do not fully […]


His Majesty Stress. Her Majesty Relaxation

There is not particle, atom, cell or organism that would not exist in two states: excited and unexcited. When excited, the electron rises to a […]