On the benefits of stress, emotions and zigzags

One of the basic laws of evolution and chaos is that a large thing is a reflection of a small one. The stability of the […]


Do you know what the most dangerous eye disease is?

You can hear that it’s glaucoma or cataract. But in fact it is diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of diabetes mellitus on the […]


Thrombosis of the central retinal vein

It is known that blood in the vessels moves not steadily but helically and spirally. The spiral motion is the fractal structure of the movement […]


The story of recovery from hepatitis C

11 June 2009. At random examination, hepatitis B and C were discovered in me at the same time. I was feeling well. But this came […]


Strabismus in children is not a problem

We were visited by the parents of a toddler with convergent strabismus of the right eye. Prior to that, he was treated with some pills […]


Fantastic treatment of optic neuropathy

Nobody in the world treats optic neuropathy. But we do. SYMPTOMS OF THE DISEASE 1. Reduction of the peripheral and central vision 2. The patient […]